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This wiki details the non-canon adventures of Rescue Force Sigma-17 (Heatwave, Boulder, Blades, and Chase). Feel free to write your own fan fictions and create your own characters, but keep in mind this is a kid-friendly site.


This section serves as a general guide to the events that have most recently happened both in the canon cartoon and writer's fan fiction universes.


As of season 4, episode 26, Rescue Bots is officially over. In the final episode, Optimus gives the following assignments to the Rescue Bots: Chase, Charlie Burns, Cody Burns, and the Greene family will stay in Griffin Rock; Heatwave and Kade Burns will continue to train Blurr, Salvage, and any future recruits on the mainland training center; Boulder and Graham Burns will build and Autobot/human community in the northwest America; and Blades and Dani Burns will lead Quickshadow and Hightide in China. They also come back to Griffin Rock every Sunday night for dinner.


Picking up a few months after the end of season 4, everything is relatively normal- theres still the occasional emergency, but nothing really big. However, that all changes one Sunday night, as a truly massive "meteor" crashes onto Wayward island...

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