"I'm not evil; I just want to see weakness eradicated." - Mowdown

Mowdown Alt-mode

Bio Edit

The charismatic, if sometimes clueless, leader of the Havicons, Mowdown was once a gladiator, just like Megatron. His time in the arena impressed on his mind that the weak perish and the strong survive. To that end, he eventually became obsessed with strengths and weaknesses. So, when Megatron launched a war against the leaders of the planet, Mowdown followed, believing Megatron to be stronger.

Personality Edit

Mowdown comes off as charming, theatrical and a little stupid. He likes to meticulously analyze his enemies before battle, ensuring that the odds are as much in his favor as possible. However, in his focus on increasing the likely hood of a plan's success, he sometimes forgets about the plan itself. Generally speaking, his plans are "Steal the Mcguffin"and "Make the disaster worse".

During battle, he likes to push his enemy's buttons, hurting them on emotional and psychological levels rather than physically. Don't think your safe there either: As a former gladiator, and armed with rotating saw clads on both arms, he is more than capable of pouring on the pain.