"Let havoc reign!" - Havicon battlecry

Havicon Insignia

Summary Edit

The Havicons are a Decepticon sub-faction, purposed to infiltrate planets the Deceptions wished to conquer, and destabilize them by creating, well... havoc.

Now that the war has ended, however, the leader of the Havicons, Mowdown, has become disgusted with the peaceful state of Cybertron, and seeks to rebuild the Decepticons and throw Cybertron once again into chaos. Fortunately, the Havicons are a small team of specialists, with no where near enough numbers to take on the Cybertron police force. To that end, Mowdown attacked a protoform transport shuttle, hoping to secure the blank protoforms within. The shuttle, though badly damaged, was able to escape, and later crashed down on Earth, on a small island not far from Griffin Rock, Maine.

Members Edit

Mowdown- Charismatic, if sometimes clueless, leader.

Haze- Devious second in command, but not really a bad bot at the spark.

Blitzwing- Insane triple-changer.

Oil Slick- "Medic" of sorts, but mainly an expert in chemical warfare and making the roads a hazardous place.

Rumble- Silent mini-con equipped with pile-drivers that cause earthquakes. Frenzy's twin brother.

Frenzy- Constantly cackling mini-con who can discharge electrical blasts from his hands that scramble circuitry and control technology.

Runabout- Incompetent goon. Smarter than his brother Runamuck, but thats not saying much.

Runamuck- The other incompetent goon. Faster than his brother, but somehow even stupider.

Cindersaur- Newest addition to the team. Predacon.